User Experior

Improved experience & aesthetics for a CX analysing product

  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Webflow Development
  • Brand Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Motion Designer
  • Project Manager
Model of Cooperation
London, UK
3 months

The client

User Experior is a leading SAAS product designed to empower brands in optimizing their mobile app user experience. The platform achieves this by providing an insightful web application with features like app performance analytics, funnel conversion tracking, heatmap analysis, and, most notably, screen recording capabilities, which are at the core of its functionality. User Experior's mission is to help businesses enhance their mobile app usability and boost customer satisfaction through data-driven insights.

The challenge

User Experior's web application, though pioneering in its offerings, was grappling with a significant problem - an outdated and cumbersome user interface. The existing UI/UX design felt archaic and was hampering user adoption and engagement. Users found it difficult to navigate the platform due to a lack of intuitive design elements and outdated visual aesthetics. Users were overwhelmed by the volume of information, making it challenging to derive meaningful insights.

The solution

We initiated the project by conducting in-depth user research, involving interviews, surveys, and usability testing. This helped us gain valuable insights into user pain points and expectations. To address the issue of visual staleness, we reimagined User Experior's visual identity. We introduced a modern, clean, and visually appealing design language, aligning it with industry standards and conveying the platform's innovative nature. To mitigate information overload, we focused on enhancing data visualization techniques. This included the introduction of interactive charts, graphs, and concise dashboards, allowing users to glean insights more efficiently.

Hexcode brought the product and website designs of User Experior to life with their outstanding UX design, strategy, and paying meticulous attention to every detail. Their collaborative spirit made a real impact.

Vimlesh - Founder, User Experior

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